We Are Open!

Patient information – Second National Lockdown

Our practices are open for NHS and private dental treatments and we are continuing to see patients in order of their need to see a dentist. There are still fewer appointments available due to the protective measures in place, so we apologise if you need to wait to see a dentist. Please do not attend the practice in person unless we ask you to do so.

Our current patient journey is as follows:


Your Initial Contact

When you call our practice one of the reception team will answer your call and be able to help with any general inquiries or bookings for private and hygiene appointments. You can also email your respective practice requesting a callback or if our lines are busy please leave a message with your contact details and our reception team member will return your call on the same day.

Phone Triage

If you have a clinical concern then reception will arrange for your dentist to call you on their working day. If you have an emergency one of our triaging dentists will call you on the same day. If the dentist is unable to help over the phone they will book you a face to face appointment in the practice at the earliest available opportunity.

Prior to your appointment at the practice 

When your appointment is booked you will be sent some forms including COVID-19 screening form via email to complete, these need to be done 24 hours before your appointment. Our reception team will be calling you the day before to remind you of your appointment and to make sure all forms have been finished. If you or a member of your household are displaying signs of COVID -19 then you must inform the practice as soon as possible and NOT attend your appointment.
You will be asked to wear a face covering in the practice and attend the appointment on your own unless a parent/guardian or carer are required. Please make note our toilet facilities are not available to patients at this time.

Appointments at the practice

On the day of your appointment you will need to knock on the front door to let reception know you are here. They will then unlock the door to let you in and ask you to sanitise your hands. You are then required to take a seat in our downstairs waiting area until the dentist / hygienist is ready to see you.

What about my routine examinations?

We have now reintroduced routine NHS examinations in the practice in an effort to keep the backlog of check-ups to a minimum going forward.

Please be aware that we still have fewer appointments available due to protective measures in place and some of our patients will have to wait longer for their routine examinations than they would prefer .

We have to prioritise our appointments  so we will be in touch with patients to book their routine examinations  as per individual risk assessment and clinical needs. This means that patients at higher risk of tooth decay or those suffering from gum disease will be seen sooner.

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused due to circumstances beyond our control and thank you for your patience and understanding. Our dentists are trying to fit some general check-ups into each day, along with their emergency triage. We have a record of all missed appointments on contact lists that we will be making our way through,. We ask kindly that you are patient with this process.

The dentist will contact you directly to book in your general check-up. If you are worried or in need of advice, please ring the practice.

What is an AGP?


Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, we’ve all been inundated with information and advice on how to stay safe and prevent the spread of coronavirus. Just like everyone else, we at The Smiles Studio have had to adapt and adjust, so we can adhere to strict professional guidelines which will help keep our patients and staff as safe as possible, while continuing to provide dental services.


‘AGP’ stands for an ‘Aerosol Generating Procedure’, which are commonly used in dentistry.


An aerosol-generating procedure is a medical or health-care procedure that results in the production of airborne particles or respiratory droplets. In dentistry these are chiefly generated by high-speed instruments working in the mouth, for example dental drills – known as turbines, mechanised scalers and air tooth polishers.


These instruments remove small pieces from tooth surfaces or from the teeth themselves, which become mixed with water and saliva, along with bacteria and microorganisms found naturally within the oral cavity. Unfortunately, they can also contain viruses, which is a concern regarding the transmission of COVID-19.


Without adequate safety precautions, aerosol sprays can become suspended in the air and inhaled by those close by, or fall as tiny droplets onto nearby surfaces, thereby posing a risk of the spread of infection.


How are we managing AGP appointments and what are our Covid protocols?


As a practice we are abiding by NHS and BDA guidelines. After any AGP procedure, each surgery will enter into a fallow time, in which nobody is permitted to enter. This means that where a single filling once took a mere 20 minutes, it can now put a dentist out of action for up to an hour afterward. Although this means we will be running with a limited number of surgeries, it is essential that we follow these rules.


Whilst in the surgery our dentist and nurses will be wearing extensive PPE. They have all been fitted with personal FFP3 masks in order to control infection and cross contamination.


Each surgery undergoes an extensive clean after any procedure. Our instruments are also disinfected and put into a high volume suction autoclave that will destroy any bacteria. They are then vacuum packed and stored away until they need to be used.