Multiple Missing Teeth Testimonials

Testimonial 1

This patient….

I was very nervous before having my implant done. I had not had treatment like this before, however I was nicely surprised that the whole treatment was pain free.

I am really pleased with the result and the finished implant treatment. The nurse (Kelly) & Mahesh made me feel very comfortable and they were very caring.

Everyone put me at ease with the whole procedure. I am claustrophobic, I felt they took this into consideration throughout the treatment carried out and when laying in the chair.


Testimonial 2

This patient….

I don’t even notice that I have the implants, as they feel like natural teeth.


Testimonial 4

This patient….

I have had two implants, and I would recommend Dr Nagpal and his nurse, they were fantastic! Everything was explained very well, and I’m really happy with the end results!


Testimonial 5

This patient….

I can enjoy food again! Going out for dinner is now a pleasure rather than an embarrassment and I don’t try to hide my mouth all time. My confidence has grown and I can look in the mirror and admire my teeth.

The idea of losing my whole top teeth was frightening. The idea of having dentures was terrifying:

  • Would it hurt?
  • What would I look like?
  • Would I be able to eat?
  • Would it affect my speech?

Mahesh and his team answered all my questions and allayed my fears with practical advice and I feel gave me the best service possible.

It took six months from start to finish. The whole process was discussed with me beforehand so that I was aware of the procedures and cost involved. Appointments were made to suit my lifestyle and the fees were phased over that time.

I now have pretty teeth, can eat a steak and speak without lisping, everything I didn’t think was ever going to happen to me again!

I would recommend Mahesh to anyone who has to undergo dental implants. He inserted a fixed implant a few years ago so I had no hesitation in returning to him to replace my top set of teeth. I now have removable dentures fixed by implant which is far better than the dentures I had whilst the implants were first placed and settling into my jaw. The implants hold the denture in place and I don’t have to put up with the taste and feel of glue in my mouth and have complete confidence when speaking and eating.

My advice would be if you are considering implants or are losing your teeth, go and talk to Mahesh and be as impressed with the results as I am!

Melanie Browning-Bland

Testimonial 6

This patient….

Dear Mahesh,

I would like to thank you for the work you have done on my teeth. Deciding to have implants was a big decision for me due to the not inconsiderable cost involved but your calm and sensible advice helped me to make what I now see as the right choice.

Before the work my teeth were in a poor state They were so bad in fact that for years I had to be careful about what food I could eat because I was worried about breaking a tooth; this did happen on several occasions. Now with my prosthesis supported by implants I can eat without worrying. I am so pleased with the work on my upper jaw that I am now having similar treatment on my lower jaw.

The process of having implants involves a certain amount of discomfort and moderate transient pain but your undoubted skill and the care you take have kept this to a minimum. I have also been impressed with the care you take over minimising the risk of infection.

I don’t want to sound too fulsome but your work has transformed my life. Thank you.

Tony Short

Testimonial 7

This patient….

I am writing to thank you and your staff at Smiles of Lymington for expert care and treatment I received.

I visited the surgery with a decayed tooth and after your examination you suggested that the tooth needed extraction and an implant inserting. You explained in great detail the stages I would undergo before the implant would be complete, and that it would take about 3 months. You provided a helpful letter for me to read regarding procedures and costs and took great care in explaining each stage of the procedure to me so I knew what was happening on each visit You showed me photos of before and after what an implant would look like. The whole procedure was virtually pain free, and the outcome a huge success. You expertly matched the implant with my other teeth, which looks and feels great.

The treatment has made a huge difference to me as I can now smile again!!! It was worth spending the money on an implant and would do it again if necessary.

I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone else needing dental treatment, you are a professional.

Kind regards & best wishes

Valerie Stead

Testimonial 8

This patient….

Dear Dr. Nagpal,

At last a quick note of thanks for my treatment.

As you will remember you fitted implants to hold my new dentures

firmly in place, and this has worked really well.I would not hesitate

to reccomend your services both for technical excellence and for your

kind and very patient care.

For the first time in a long life I can honestly say that it was a

pleasure to visit the dentist!

Thanking you again.

Kind regards

Renee Stearne